Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kevadia Colony: Sardar Sarovar Project

The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a dam on the Narmada River near Navagam, Gujarat, India. The dam is the largest dam in and part of the Narmada Valley Project, a large hydraulic engineering project involving the construction of a series of large irrigation and hydroelectric multi purpose dams on the Narmada River. The project only took form in 1979 as part of a development scheme to increase irrigation and produce hydroelectricity. The project has the potential to feed as many as 20 million people, provide domestic and industrial water for about 30 million, employ about 1 million, and provide valuable peak electric power in an area with high unmet power demand (farm pumps often get only a few hours power per day). In addition, recent research shows substantial economic multiplier effects (investment and employment triggered by development) from irrigation development.
The cancellation shows the Dam.
Cancellation was introduced on 9.10.1990
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