Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tiruchirapally- Rock Fort

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The Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort is a historic fort and temple complex built on an ancient rock. It is located in the town of Tiruchirapalli, which is in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The 83-metre rock fort situated in the center of town is a major landmark in the town of Tiruchirapalli and is visible from a long distance. The oldest structure in the fort is a cave temple built by Pallavas in 580 AD. Under the Nayaks of Madurai that Trichy prospered in its own right and grew to be the city that it is today. The Nayaks of Madurai constructed the Rock Fort Temple Lake along with major walls as foundations, establishing the town as a trading city and later, their capital.
The Rock is said to be one of the oldest formations in the world. It is 3.8 billion years old, making it as old as the rocks in Greenland and older than the Himalayas.
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